Proprietary Tools

Community Engagement Network

The Community Engagement Network is a partnership between three of Florida’s premier public affairs, government relations, strategic communications and political consulting firms – Cornerstone Solutions, Ziffer Stansberry and Central Florida Public Affairs.  

Our team focuses on on helping our corporate and public agency clients with their community relations, grassroots advocacy and mobilization programs. We have a broad network of community influencers across Florida with regional hubs located in Tallahassee, Central and South Florida. We provide our clients with an experienced team and a diversity of resources to meet their statewide project needs. 

Communications Network (COMMNet)

Today’s world moves quickly and your message needs to move just as fast. That’s why we are here. Our Communications Network, or COMMNet, has designers, producers, printers, call centers and more located in time zones across the world (yes, the world). Our network is set up with one goal in mind – to deliver award-winning communications for our clients anywhere, anytime. 

Counter Advocacy Network

Okay, so your competitor is gaining an edge or an issue you oppose is moving forward; how do you stop it? Our counter advocacy network is ready to step in and do just that. We know the ins and outs of how to move an issue forward or stop it dead in its tracks. 

Field Force

Boots on the ground are still one of the most effective forms of mobilizing supporters, building a coalition or persuading voters. Our field team can be activated, deployed and on the ground getting your message out within hours. 


Learn more about these tools and others we have in our kit, but don’t list. Give us a call.