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From multinational corporations to Fortune 100 companies to some of Florida’s premier businesses, we have worked with some of the top firms in today’s corporate world.  Every situation is different and each client has a specific need and goal. 

Our goal is simple – to protect your brand and win. We do this with our 360-degree approach from research and messaging, managing your reputation, building community support and then delivering your message to the target audience. Whether you are having a challenge in getting your project approved, need help building a coalition of support, or have a major issue or competitor you need to get in front of, we understand how to navigate the situation to help your firm.   

How you manage your internal communications, how you communicate with your elected representatives and how you build community support are all a reflection of you and your firm. Will oversee and manage the process, implement award communication strategies and position your firm for success. 


We understand that not everything goes as planned. Crisis, problems, and issues come up – its almost guaranteed. However, how you manage a crisis is critical to not only your project or issue, but your reputation.  Assess, contain, correct, communicate, mobilize, then manage. If done right, often your constituents, clients or customers don’t even know a crisis has occurred.  Post-crisis, we will work with your team to put in place crisis aversion plans and communication strategies to deal with the next issue.  
The best way to prepare for a crisis is through the creation and ongoing analysis of a crisis communications plan that can help limit potential reactions and negative impact. We work with each client to develop a communications plan that meets their individual needs. The purpose of a plan is preparation and response. While it is often impossible to know all the facts, speed is essential, a quick statement to the media and key audiences will minimize speculation and show that you are in control.
During a crisis, our mission is clear – protect the brand and win public opinion. 

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