Public Relations

We work with Fortune 100 companies, trade organizations, not-for-profits and government and taxing agencies on developing and implementing a public relations strategy that matches both their short and long-term strategic goals.

Our 360-degree approach to public relations takes into account today’s 24-hour media cycle, social media environment and every evolving populace. Not only does your message need to cut through the clutter, but we are focused on protecting your brand, being efficient with available resources and building support for your cause or issue.  From managing your internal communications, developing a media relations plan, building community support and navigating the complex world of digital and social media communications, we understand how to make you look good with the public. 

We use our political tactics and experiences to deliver proven solutions, award-winning communications and cutting-edge strategy and tactics. We are anything but cookie-cutter. We will sit down with your team to develop an individualized plan. Every situation is unique and requires a response that is based on the issue, environment on the ground, opposition, research, and resources available.  

Public Relations 360